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The North Atlanta Rail Barons have many opportunities to teach not only each other but also others about the various aspects of model railroading. These opportunities are present at our operating group meetings, and at the Division, Region, and National levels.

On May 24, 2014, three of our members - Bill Raymond, Walt Liles, and Howard Goodwin - conducted a clinic on Model Railroad Operations at Hobbytown, USA in Kennesaw on behalf of the Piedmont Division Train'in Camp program. This outreach program is designed to provide information on various aspects of model railroading to new members and the general public. This particular clinic introduced the concepts of designing and operating a model railroad in a prototypical manner. You can read more about this clinic at Model Railroad Operations.

Perry Lamb presented a clinic entitled "Modern Diesel Locomotives and Details" at the February 18, 2014 Piedmont Division meeting. Perry is also in charge of the Division's Train-In Camp program which is designed to teach both new and older members about the resources available through membership in the NMRA. Perry is also a frequent instructor at the Piedmont Division's Boy Scout Merit Badge seminars.

Walt Liles presented a clinic several months ago at a Division meeting about how to Improve the Performance of Athearn Diesel Locomotives, including demonstrating the process as he described each step. Walt has also delivered clinics at Division meetings on Railroads and The Paper Manufacturing Industry and Railroads and The Kaolin Industry. At the recent Choctaw Mini-Meet, Walt talked about wood chips and the paper industry in Savannah, GA,

Howard Goodwin arranged all of the clinics for the Peachtree Express 2013, the NMRA National Convention. Howard had eight conference rooms running with non-stop clinics from 9:00am - 7:00pm every day for six days. Among the many clinicians were Walt Liles, Perry Lamb, David Butts, and Bill Zawacki, MMR. Howard has also presented Division meeting clinics on such topics as Hand-Laying Track, Creating Realistic Water Effects, and Prototypical Track Ballasting. At the recent Choctaw Mini-Meet, Howard delivered his clinic on ballasting.

The North Atlanta Rail Barons are blessed with many very talented and highly-accomplished modelers, while some of us are just beginning to learn. We are fortunate to have the experienced who are willing to teach us.

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Contact Information

If you live in the Cobb, Cherokee and Paulding County area and would like information on the North Atlanta Rail Barons, or if you would like to visit one of our operating group sessions, please contact Howard Goodwin below.

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General Information: Howard Goodwin, MMR

  Member Index

Charter Members

The following current members of the North Atlanta Rail Barons are Charter Members of the group:

Howard Goodwin, MMR

Charlie Brown, MMR

Al Churella

Rob Dodds

Perry Lamb

Walt Liles

Jim Travis



The following members have joined the North Atlanta Rail Barons during the last nine years.

Boyd Bender

Dave Butts

Brian Campbell

Steve Funsten

I. D. Jackson

Bill Mathewson

Conrad Mora

Bill Raymond

Brian Sandberg

Mark Thomann

Dean Webb

Bob Wood

Bill Zawacki, MMR


Former Members

Charlie Crawford, MMR was a Charter Member of NARB and former Superintendent of the Piedmont Division. He was the third member of our group to earn the award of Master Model Railroader. He is now participating in another local operating group.

Larry K. Smith, MMR was a charter member of NARB and now lives in Kentucky where he completed the requirements to become the fourth Master Model Railroader from NARB.

Louis Gomes was a long-term member of NARB, an excellent modeler, guru of the CV's and DCC decoders and wiring design. He was the group's first webmaster and is responsible for the design of our logo. Louis recently completed his education and was rewarded with a new job in Houston, TX.

Philo Hutcheson left us when he accepted a position with the University of Alabama Birmingham. He had built an excellent N-scale railroad prior to moving.

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