Rob Dodds


Seaboard Atlantic Lines, Newry Branch

The layout is essentially mainline only at this point with a staging yard in the garage and a passenger station/yard off the main. Most of the place names on the layout correspond with towns and villages in the area of Ireland where I grew up.

Layout at a Glance




18.5’ X 12.5’ with 32’ X 7’ “T”


SAL and ACL equipment




Mid 1960’s


“Around the walls” loop with attached yards

Len. of Mainline

180’ (225’ incl. passing sidings)

Layout Height

46” to 51”


Open Grid made from ripped ¾ ply


Homabed on main with “Quiet Brace” for flat deck areas, cork on sidings


Code 83 with code 100 staging


#6 Walthers on main #4 Walthers or #5 Peco in yards

Min. Radius

28” main 24” secondary

Maximum Grade





Masonite curved on inside corners




Photos (Click the image for a larger version.)


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The following current members of the North Atlanta Rail Barons are Charter Members of the group:

Howard Goodwin, MMR

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Rob Dodds

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The following members have joined the North Atlanta Rail Barons during the last nine years.

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Former Members

Charlie Crawford, MMR was a Charter Member of NARB and former Superintendent of the Piedmont Division. He was the third member of our group to earn the award of Master Model Railroader. He is now participating in another local operating group.

Larry K. Smith, MMR was a charter member of NARB and now lives in Kentucky where he completed the requirements to become the fourth Master Model Railroader from NARB.

Louis Gomes was a long-term member of NARB, an excellent modeler, guru of the CV's and DCC decoders and wiring design. He was the group's first webmaster and is responsible for the design of our logo. Louis recently completed his education and was rewarded with a new job in Houston, TX.

Philo Hutcheson left us when he accepted a position with the University of Alabama Birmingham. He had built an excellent HO-scale railroad depicting the Maine coastline in the 1940's/50's era.

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